Social Media Mining Explained!

We all know what crypto mining is, we all participated in some staking programmes and lately did some farming. What if we could combine all 3 but instead of paying for equipment to do the mining or risk our money in dodgy staking / farming, we could earn crypto by promoting it? By being proactive in social media, which most of us already are!

Everyone is expecting BTC to smash ATH soon and this means that a lot of new retail investors will come back to crypto after the 2017 hype. This time we expect even more people to look at crypto due to the current global situation.

We want xLove to be the first thing they see when they go on Twitter or Facebook and search for #crypto #bitcoin etc. We want xLove to be a Dodge of 2020, with one significant difference — xLove will have actual use case!

How will it work?

Every xLove miner will need to hold a set amount of xLove in their private wallet (between 20–50, to be determined by community) and then in order to earn HUG & KISS (mineable coins) they will need to bring more users to the project, get set amount of likes & RT, get noticed by accounts with huge number of followers etc.

More active you are, than bigger share of daily rewards pot you will receive. For the most active users we expect the APY to be 300%, although this will be determined by the market and the prices of HUG & KISS.

Link to every post and tweet you do will need to be uploaded onto our website (individually or as .csv) and then the system will automatically verify it and allocate a share of rewards to your wallet.

Yes, this is that simple!

As the community grows, we expect more and more demand for xLove, which means the price of our flagship token will go up. Higher price = more exposure and then again, more people comes to look into the project.

What else is in the pipeline?

A LOT! We can’t share most of the details just yet, but we are working on few more ideas that will bring more utility for xLove. First is crowdfunding charity programme — we want 10% of daily rewards to go to our xLove Charity Fund and then every month community of xLove holders will pick one real-life charity that will receive the funding from us.

We will also use smart contracts to allow people to make donations to our fund and in exchange be put into automated weekly draw — HUG, KISS and rare NFTs will be up for grabs!

When will you start implementing all of the above?

We are already working behind the scenes on some of the above and once the presale finish, we will expand the team and that should give us the required boost to go live with everything in upcoming weeks!

In the meantime, start spreading the xLove!

It’s time to bring $xLove into the #crypto world. Community driven project that aims to change peoples perception about crypto and bring it to masses !